LOOKING FOR: Hasbro Electro Lugia, Titan Figure Groudon & Kyogre, other large legendary figures

Hello everyone!

Due to WCT releasing large Necrozma figure, I became obsessed and started collecting large, preferably in-scale, legendary Pokemon figures, particularly the popular ones and the main mascots of each game.

Right now I'm looking for Hasbro Electronic Lugia, Titan Figure Groudon, and Titan Figure Kyogre, all quite hard to find and expensive. They don't have to be mint, just please be in good condition visually, this means the electro Lugia doesn't have to be working.

Aside from those three, I'm also looking for TOMY Kyurem Vinyl, TOMY Electronic B/W Kyurem Overdrive, large Jakks Giratina, and D-arts Mewtwo, but these four are of lower priority.

Any help is appreciated, thank you!